Divyn Media trains organizations on how to develop and implement digital strategies that will enhance their mission.

Our services include: Social Media Instruction, Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy, Content Development, and On-Demand Customer Support

Social Media Instruction: Organizations will have a customized training experience to address the specific needs of their staff and communities. Before the training begins, Divyn Media will do a comprehensive survey and analysis of the organization. We learn the organization’s strengths and weaknesses, so that we can tailor the training experience to their target goals.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategy: We focus on creating affordable, low-risk initiatives and establishing communication processes that work. The digital initiatives we draft and teach organizations to implement will increase personalized interaction and render successful marketing results.

Content Development: Divyn Media provides content development services for organizations that need help managing their communication efforts. This includes creating social media content, blog writing, and preparing graphics, videos, articles and other links for online sharing.

On-Demand Customer Support: After the training experience, Divyn Media will provide on-demand customer support to organizations for a period of time. During this time, organizations will be able to get immediate and direct assistance via phone, email or live chat. We will troubleshoot issues and offer solutions. In addition, Divyn Media will monitor the implementation of the organizations’ digital strategy and provide feedback reports.